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12.6.09 Posted by Valo
Last Days with Soichiro..4Life

Itchy is the nicest, most polite kid to ever sleep on a couch for an extended period of time. While the corn soup he always eats looks like runny vomit, he was always smiling, happy and down to blade. He’s robotic yet fluid in his shredding, beer pong skills and tequila slamming. I would give him a kidney and half my liver if he wants it.

Soichiro, or as I like to call him, Itchy, has been staying at my house for the past 2 months while filming for 4life. Getting to personally know the man turned out to be quite difficult. With his native language being primarily Japanese, and mine of course Spanish...I mean English, communicating even the most simple of things was
rough, but we made it work out well. Somehow there is a common language that is spoken between people that grow to be friends and it doesn't involve English or Spanish or even Japanese. I don't know what language
that may even be, but we somehow managed to have some good conversations as well as some good times.
Itchy is now back in his hometown but the experiences we all had together will remain, plus it also helps that
many things were documented as you will see in 4Life.
Below are some of the good times spent on Itchy's adventure in SF.
-Ivan Narez

top acid at golden gate park before getting to see the albino crocodile

clip got copped.

there he is, 400 pound albino crock.

bslide right after school hours. dropping knowledge on the youngsters

old english nights

before 40

after 40

itchys first thanksgiving turkey

another clip got copped

bsmith on the railsesh

cameraman itchy

cubicble clip coppage

high school portrait 1

dusk blade sesh

high school portrait 2

victor with the assist

lofty 5 on soichiros final day

peace out

sake shots

than sleep time

see ya next year ichi number one!

check out some more from soichoros sf travels on his own blog








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